Licenses, Permits & Forms

Applying for a permit or license is easy!

  1. Print the appropriate form below and complete it.
  2. Pay in person at Mahtomedi City Hall or you may also mail your completed form with fee to:
    Mahtomedi City Hall
    600 Stillwater Road
    Mahtomedi, MN 55115.

Remember to call Gopher State One Call before you dig!

Mahtomedi Temporary Outdoor Premises Application (COVID-19)

  1. Beekeeping
  2. Building Permit
  3. Chicken Keeping Permit
  4. City Hall Reservation
  5. Dog License
  6. Driver's License
  7. Electrical Permit
  8. Fence Requirements
  9. Home Occupation
  10. Mailbox Reimbursement Form
  11. Mechanical Permit
  12. Park Reservations
  13. Plumbing Permit
  14. Rental Housing License
  15. Tree Trimming Contractor