Free Virtual Home Energy Visits

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Empowering Minnesotans to save while staying safe and healthy at home.

The Home Energy Squad is committed to helping people make smart choices, so their homes use energy efficiently while keeping their families safe and healthy. Now this commitment is more important than ever, as Minnesotans strive to slow the spread of COVID-19 by staying home. Whether we’re at home working, learning, or just staying safe, the additional time spent inside can mean higher energy bills and an increased awareness of indoor air quality.

The Home Energy Squad, provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy, is here to help with a new FREE service: the Virtual HES Visit. We’ll take customers on a home walk-through via video chat, and together we’ll help find ways to reduce energy bills while keeping indoor air clean and healthy. Sign up online or call 651-328-6220.

Participating in a Virtual HES Visit will not disqualify participants from receiving an in-person visit from our team in the future. After the consultation, we may recommend an in-person energy audit when the time is right. And we may find that the home could benefit from some free, energy-saving products that can be installed in the future.

Our recent blog post provides a closer look at the free Virtual HES Visit.

Let’s all help each other be well in this challenging moment.

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