Public Works

The Public Works Department is consists of nine staff members who are cross-trained to meet a variety of maintenance needs. We are responsible for the maintenance and repair of Mahtomedi's city streets, public parking lots, street signs, and parks. In addition, we maintain and repair the municipal water system, sanitary sewer system, and storm sewer. Feel free to contact Public Works at 651-773-9730 at any time with your questions, comments, or suggestions.


Mahtomedi Public Works Building
  • Parks: upkeep and improvement of the City's many park and trail facilities.
  • Streets Maintenance: seal coating, pot hole repairs, winter snow and ice removal and a variety of other activities that keep our 52 miles of streets clear and driveable year round.
  • Sanitary Sewer: maintaining the waste water removal system made up of 33.5 miles of sanitary sewer piping and 9 lift stations. Mahtomedi's waste water goes to the Metropolitan Council waste treatment facility.
  • Storm Water: maintaining the system that is made up of its storm sewers and related water quality and holding ponds that help control the quantity and quality of rain and snow melt entering our area lakes and ponds. This is important for all water bodies, but it is especially important because Mahtomedi recognizes one of its greatest natural resources in White Bear Lake.
  • Water: operating and maintaining the City's four municipal wells, two water towers and the distribution system that brings potable water to homes and businesses throughout the community.