Mahtomedi Wellhead Protection Plan I & II

We rely on water every day to water lawns, drink, bathe, and cook but have you ever wondered where that water comes from? Deep
underground, water exists in tiny spaces between soil particles. The City of Mahtomedi’s wells pump water out of the ground making groundwater for our use. The City’s wells pump water from the depths ranging from 392 to 470 feet below the ground. 


To help protect these groundwater resources, the City has developed a wellhead protection plan (WHPP). Wellhead protection is an ongoing need for our community. It helps protect our drinking water by managing possible contamination sources in an area that surrounds the public wells. This area is known as the Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) and consists of the surface and subsurface surrounding a city’s wells.

Protecting Mahtomedi's Drinking Water Supply

Click on GIS Story Map link to see the City’s Drinking Water Supply Management Area (DWSMA) which was developed based on the wellhead protection areas for each of the City’s wells.  


The following interactive maps will allow you to navigate the City’s DWSMA and look up well and storage tank databases that were included in the City’s Wellhead Protection Plan. You will also find simple tips, best management practices, and links to information that will allow you to personally participate in helping protect our community from drinking water health threats.

GIS Story Map

Mahtomedi Wellhead Protection Plan I (PDF)

Mahtomedi Wellhead Protection Plan II (PDF)