Road Construction Projects

2023 Construction Activities

Along with the typical street maintenance activities (fog sealing, crack filling, line painting and sweeping), which should only interrupt you getting around for about one day each, the City has only two small street construction projects planned for 2023. 

  • Juniper Street east of East Avenue will be reconstructed.  This should not affect anyone other than the 10 residents that live on this cul-de-sac. Good for most of you not so good for those 10 lucky residences! Along with the Juniper street work the City will be installing a short section of sidewalk from the end of Gosiwin Avenue to Dahlia Street. This work should cause very few traffic issues.

The other project is the installation of additional storm sewer on Lincolntown Avenue south of Old Wildwood Road.  This work is being done to eliminate some of the occasional flooding that occurs on Lincolntown Avenue following larger rain events. The road closure should be very short and detour routes will be posted.

There is one other project going on in Wedgewood Park, the City will be constructing a pickleball court next to the basketball court. So get your rackets and balls ready for some fun following construction.