Mahtomedi Garden Club

Sharing the love of gardening for over 75 years!
Mahtomedi Garden Club (IMAGE)

Who We Are

Mahtomedi Garden Club promotes gardening for people of all ages, supports the sharing of interests and ideas among members, provides educational programs for club members and the community at large, and encourages community beautification and horticultural projects through contributions of money, material, time and talent.

What We Do

We love gardening. We love learning about it, making friends with other gardeners, sharing our knowledge and our plants, and helping to create a blooming community. Click on the link below to learn more about our events and activities.

Get Involved

Would you rather garden than eat? Does it take you at least twice as long to walk back from the mailbox in the summer than in the winter because you have to stop to pull weeds or admire blooms? If you answered "yes," then we would love to have you join us.  

Visit our website for more information and/or become a member at